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Thu, Aug 5, 2021 8:44 PM


Lightroom doesn't release VRAM, making PS slow.

Using full GPU acceleration Lightroom Classic quickly fills up all 4gb of VRAM and when I open the image for further editing in Photoshop, the VRAM is not released by Lightroom, making PS GPU usage go to 100% and very laggy. Disabling the full GPU usage in Lightroom makes the issue go away, but then Lightroom is slower instead.
I know this is a known issue and supposedly fixed to some extent in the latest version of LR but apparently not for me.
I've uninstalled all CC-related stuff, did a clean graphics driver install, reinstalled PS and LR and the during the first two runs Lightroom actually released the VRAM and it worked as intended but then the issue came back and now it's all slouchy again, running these programs simultaneously.
Any tips, ideas or fixes are welcome.

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