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Thu, Jan 26, 2012 5:35 PM


Lightroom: EXIF data - Why is so much is missing in LRx but in RAW / DNG / CR2 images?

I've seen the limitations in the EXIF data as shown in LR. I've seen the comments that it would be SO useful to sort / filter by all the EXIF data available in LR.
However LR shows a small proportion of the information that is available in the Meta data but there is missing EXIF data, that is of use to users, not every day, but it is there and with the aforementioned improvement of searching / sorting / grouping / stacking, I'd like this data to be accessible.

I was looking to find all the correctly exposed images in sets of 3 auto bracketted images -2, 0, +2 from todays shoot but this info is not listed in LR
So I looked in PhotoGrok, and it told me that the image I was looking at was AEBBracketValue -2, ie 2 stops under exposed in a set of auto bracket.
It also told me my camera was 37o when I was shooting in Cape Town this morning. It most certainly was not that warm outside.

My reason for finding the correctly exposed images in the sets was to see if they had sufficient exposure data to be used as one image rather than combining the 3 bracketted images using fusion / enBlend software to rescue the shadow detail and highlight detail in my shoot.

If you do play with PhotoGrok, you see more info than may be / is / could possibly be useful. But it does list a great deal.
I do get the basics
focal length
35mm equivalent
focal distance
hyperfocal distance
colour balance

and the list goes on.

More importantly, this data has been extracted by LR from Canon 5DII CR2 files to DNG, so LR can see all this info.

Anyway, that is my request.

There is limited EXIF data displayed in LR, there are requests for sorting / searching / listing / stacking by more of the meta data that LR accesses.
I would like to see much more of this data available to be sorted / searched / stacked, so I can find amongst all the EXIF data, the AEBBracketValue = 0, ie correctly exposed images.

Yes, there is a workaround - It is to sort all the photos by capture time or file number and arrange them into 3 images in a grid view and just select the correct column, but this is slow. More importantly, this request is about vastly improving access to EXIF data and for other uses of the vast amount of EXIF data available in images.

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10 y ago

Have you used this plugin?


With this, I have every exif field the camera outputs available to me in LR for sorting filtering, etc.