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Sun, Jun 21, 2015 10:35 AM


LIGHTROOM - External Editing Ignore adjustments option?

I would like to see an option where you can assign adjustments possibly in the External Editing menu that will be ignored when you go to "Edit In" an image for instance in Photoshop CC.
I like that I can apply sharpening & noise reduction for instance to a bunch of images in lightroom but if I then discover that an image actually needs an object removed or major retouching I then have to go back into the develop module and disable those effects for each Image that I am going to Externally Edit as I would rather apply them after-woulds.

To sum up what I am requesting is a global setting for each External Editing option to choose adjustments you don't wish to be applied, kinda like how PhotoMerge ignores settings before stitching a Pano or HDR ect.
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