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Fri, Dec 2, 2011 2:10 AM


Lightroom: filenaming presets - better handling of virtual copy name

Presently, its hard to come up with a satisfying filenaming preset that incorporates virtual copy names, without fouling up the naming of non-virtual copies for example:

If one chooses:
'{filename} ({copyname}).{ext}

then exported virtual copies are nicely named:

'filename (copy 1).jpg' as example, but then non-virtual copies are named

'filename ().jpg' - not so nice.

To me, having the virtual copy name is essential, since I prefer to use "overwrite WITHOUT warning" and have non-suffixed filenames.

(if not using copy-name in filenaming preset, then virtual copy exports will always result in a name collision with their masters and/or other virtual copies, unless some other measure is taken to ensure uniqueness, so choosing "overwrite WITHOUT warning in this case will result in missing exports).

What would really help is to have a virtual copy token definition that is ONLY used for virual copies, for example:

filename = '{filename}{virtual-copy-token}.{ext}' -- (virtual copy token excluded unless is virtual copy)
virtual-copy-token = ' ({copy-name})' -- (only used for virtual copies)

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