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Tue, Nov 24, 2015 8:42 PM


Lightroom for mobile: Sync with deleted photos & sync iOS edits

The auto-import feature of Lightroom mobile is awesome. Two things that it is lacking:When a photo is deleted from iOS Photos, it is not deleted from Lightroom Photos - fair enough. I can go to Camera Roll > Recently Deleted and all the photos that are in the "Recently deleted" album in iOS and are also synced with Lightroom are selected. Awesome! The Problem: I cannot delete all these photos. Even worse: When choosing the first selected photo and deleting it I can thrown back to the home screen, so I have to go back to Camera Roll > Recently Deleted. Sucks deleting pictures that are deleted in iOS.Besides the "Import" option also let me mass delete all those images.Secondly: I am not sure what magic editing iOS is using when using the iOS photo editing option and how it is saved. However it would be great if the already made edits to the photos could be imported to Lightroom mobile even if it means importing a "copy". I first go through the images with iOS photos and maybe even make some edits. I don't expect Lightroom to sync those edits to "Lightroom edits", but it would be great if the already made edits were synced if they can be accessed in any form by a third party app.

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5 y ago

The workaround above sounded promising (brining up Recently Deleted in LR Mobile), but as of iOS 10 apparently that no longer works.  The experience went from bad to worse.  Adobe, this needs to be addressed!

I do not understand why more people aren't being vocal about this.  This is a massive workflow headache.  Anything imported into LR Mobile will use up essentially double the space on your device until you go through the camera roll yourself and manually delete photos already imported / sync'd in LR Mobile, if you can figure out which those are.  Ridiculous.

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