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Sat, Aug 6, 2011 9:24 AM


Lightroom: &Hotkeys organized by plugin.

As it stands, one must often hit a hotkey multiple times to get to the corresponding plugin function (I'm talking about the keyboard accelerators for File Menu -> Plugin Extras and the like), the number of times depending on how many plugins before it have the same hotkey defined. Besides being unweildy, the number of times the hotkey has to be pressed can change when another plugin is installed, or if one is disabled, making it hard to memorize the proper count, or automate using a tool like AutoHotkey.

Any way this could be remedied would be alright with me - somehow one plugin's hotkeys should not interfere with another plugin's hotkeys.

Perhaps a by-plugin organization. That way, one could even have a few dozen functions defined for a plugin, each with a sensible hotkey that once memorized, would never change.
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