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Tue, May 24, 2011 11:38 PM


Lightroom: How can I import RAW shoots in LR with all my presets intact?

How can I import RAW shoots in LR with all my presets intact. Thus saving a lot of time....

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11 y ago

If you mean camera settings, you can't.



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11 y ago

Each camera has a RAW-engine with its own proprietary settings that are used to interpret the RAW data into a human-viewable image.

Adobe has a RAW-engine and its proprietary settings to do the same thing.

Adobe and camera manufacturers don't have access to each other's proprietary information so Adobe would have to reverse-engineer (guess about) anything it tried to interpret from the camera settings and wouldn't be perfect so why do it.

About the only thing Adobe does it looks at the white-balance from the camera and uses that for As Shot but it is still slightly different and depends on the camera profile you have in place.

If you want to use the camera settings you have to use the camera's RAW engine, either by producing an in-camea JPG or perhaps using manufacturer-supplied software.

The closest Adobe comes is having Camera-centric profiles that mimic certain camera scene modes for some Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras but these are still just approximations.

What settings are you wishing Adobe could interpret from your camera?