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Mon, Jul 7, 2014 10:48 PM


LIGHTROOM Import from another catalog fails for ARW raw files

I'm trying to merge a catalog of photos that I've worked on on a laptop, into my main catalog on the desktop. I use macs (both) and both are lightroom 5.5
Some of the files in question are JPG and some of them are sony RAW files (ARW).
I follow the recommended workflow (Export catalog on the laptop and import catalog on the desktop).
It works flawlessly for the JPEG files, but for the ARW files, lightroom fails to find that the photos are already in the catalog (and it treats them as 'new photos' instead of 'changed existing photos').
So I'm able to keep all the edits I've done on the JPEGs, but for the raws it looks like I need to start from scratch.
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