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Sun, Jun 19, 2011 12:03 PM


Lightroom: Improve import functionality


I am new to lightroom, and I have a few ideas.

It is possible to import a hierarchy of keywords, but it is not possible to import a similar hierarchy of collection sets og smart collections.

I have the following suggestions:
In all three cases - keywords, collections sets and smart collections - it becomes possible to do an import by means of a spreadsheet like functionality, where the hierarchy can easily be written or copied from an existing speadsheet, and - for smart collections - in which set a given smart collection should reside.

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10 y ago

So, if I've got this straight - the idea is to create (or manipulate) relatively complex collection hierarchies using a more powerful tool (e.g. database, spreadsheet, xml/text editor...), then export for import into Lightroom, eh?

Would you mind sharing an excerpt from such a collection hierarchy? - i.e. what is the motivation for needing such "power".

(I'm guessing most people don't need this, or don't think they do - so you may have to sell it a bit...)

Also, this may end up being done via plugin - your input could be helpful - just a heads up...

Consider changing topic title - most people probably expect this to be about the import dialog box, not collection sets - confused me at first.