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Thu, Mar 31, 2011 1:16 PM


Lightroom: Indicate a photo is in a collection before deleting

When deleting photos, I'd like to see an indication that this(these) photos are in one or more collections. Ideally, provide a button to see which collections the photos are in. Based on the collections, I may choose not to delete.

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11 y ago

Bob, LR3 already shows a collection badge on the thumbnails in Grid view. Clicking on the badge shows you all the collections the photo is in.


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11 y ago

I don't see why this shouldn't be added to the Delete or Remove dialog box.

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11 y ago

You can also right click and image to find a "Show in Collection" menu.

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7 y ago

Consider Jeffrey Friedl's PhotoSafe plugin - it's aim is to keep photos from being inadvertently deleted, and can be used to satisfy your current goal.

If you only have photos protected that are in any collection (or specified collections), then when you try to delete photos that are in such collection(s), you will be prompted first.