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Sun, Feb 3, 2013 8:54 PM


Lightroom Keyword Sets should understand keyword hierarchies

Lightroom Keyword Set highlighting doesn't really understand keyword hierarchies.

For example, say I have this keyword hierarchy: Elaine > mom > family.

If I have a Keyword Set with "family" in one of the nine boxes provided, then select a photo with a keyword of "Elaine" set on it, "family" doesn't light up, because that photo doesn't have the "family" keyword specifically. However, I *can* search for that photo by searching for "family", so in that sense, the Keyword Set highlighting is hiding the truth from me.

I propose that the Keyword Sets have a half-highlighted state, a medium gray that can be distinguished from the current white and dark gray colors used, and that this be used for keywords the selected photo has indirectly.
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