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Mon, Aug 22, 2011 11:22 PM


Lightroom: Keyword text search: contains only

I would like to see a text search option that is "contains only". Here's the use case. I have some photos tagged "family" and some tagged "family, old". The way Lightroom works now in order to show only the photos tagged "family" and exclude the ones that also have the "old" keyword is to do a text search for "family !old". The exclamation point tells LR to exclude the ones that have the "old" keyword.
But what if I have photos with various other keywords besides "old" in addition to "family". Then I'd have to manually exclude all the other keywords in order to see only the photo which have only the keyword "family"

A "contains only" option would fix this.


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I think this could be considered a duplicate of the Idea:

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