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Sat, Nov 12, 2011 1:51 AM


Lightroom: @Lr3.6RC tagset definitions are no longer sufficient for automatic plugin init.

Up through v3.5, there were two ways to assure a plugin started up with Lightroom (i.e. asynchrous initialization and/or background processing):

1. Metadata defined.
2. Tagset (even an empty one) defined.

I've chosen to depend on #2 to avoid the "catalog must be updated" prompt that accompanies #1 (even if metadata table defines no metadata).

@v3.6, way #2 is no longer working for me.

I realize that the init for (even empty) tagsets was a a side-effect, and not a documented behavior. Still, its been relied upon by more than one plugin author (see SDK forum, and this forum).

I'm bummed that the only way to assure plugin-init upon startup without a catalog prompt (or a dummy (non-empty) tagset) is no longer working... :-(

Unless this is another case of me not assessing the situation correctly, please fix this if possible before releasing 3.6-final.


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