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Tue, Mar 6, 2012 2:16 PM

Lightroom: LR4 doesn't display point curve adjustments made in LR3

After updating from LR3, LR4 has reset my tone curves. I use custom tone curves on almost every picture, and all my contrast treatments this way seem to have gone. Initially the previews were still the old ones, so I only noticed after opening several pictures in the develop module, just to see my meticulous tone curve adjustments be removed.

Is anyone else seeing this?



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10 y ago

Hi Henrik,

3.6 > 4.1 RC1&2 simply does the upgrade correctly in the first place, so no repair is needed. It's only catalogs that were upgraded by 4.0 (which contained a catalog upgrade bug) that need to have the curves restored. The curves are already correct if you upgrade directly from 3.6 > 4.1.