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Fri, Dec 5, 2014 4:52 AM


Lightroom: make baseline sharpness and color noise reduction for raws be 0 (so all raw baselines are same as for rgb files) + bonus idea..

It's really great that raws and jpegs have the same baseline settings now (since PV2012), well, except for sharpness and color noise reduction.

No more dealing with brightness baseline of 50, and contrast 25, and blacks 5.. - yippee!

I propose that raw sharpness default value be zero, and color noise reduction too, the same concept as has already been applied to all the other settings.

To be clear: I don't mean that no sharpening is applied to raws by default, but that the default value of "zero", is the same amount of sharpening as current default=25. Likewise for color noise reduction (a value of zero means the baseline amount).

Allow negative values, which in case of raw would simply reduce sharpening, and in case of jpeg would produce an equivalent de-sharpening (or be ignored..). Similarly for color noise reduction (negative values applied to jpegs could introduce simulated color noise - or be ignored..).

The purpose of these changes would be so settings can be copied from raw to rgb files without knowing or caring whether they are raw or rgb files.

This would be especially useful in case of DNGs, since there is no support for determining whether a DNG is raw or not.

Bonus idea (same purpose in mind): support automatic translation from incremental-temperature and tint (rgb white balance) to raw temperature and tint, and vice versa. I'm fully aware that the translation wouldn't be perfect, and that would be perfectly OK. As things stand, if somebody warms up the jpeg, and wants to retrofit to the raw (for example), it's very challenging to migrate the change, ditto for vice versa..

If this all seems like too much, or downright silly (it's not), then at least support DNG raw/not-raw determination and the ability to read auto-white balance and as-shot white balance values (temperature and tint) without changing white balance - plugins could do the rest..

Hopeful, but not expectant ;-).
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