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Thu, May 12, 2011 4:22 PM


Lightroom: Metadata panel labels - context menu change

In the Metadata panel, when the user clicks a field label, LR currently displays a drop down list of recent entries plus a couple of Clear commands. Please add to this list all the existing values in that field, drawn from the selected items.

Imagine I have a lot of images selected and the caption shows "Mixed". But I want all items to share the caption from one of them. If it's a recent entry, great, I click the Caption label and Lightroom cleverly lets me choose the one I want. But if that caption isn't listed, I'd first have to ensure the item with the correct caption is "most selected", then have to run through Sync Metadata.

Lightroom should have already reviewed the selected images when it came up with "Mixed". So when I click the Caption label it should calculate the unique values in that field, and add them to the list of choices.

This would be much faster than going through Sync Metadata and allow the user to pick any caption in the currently-targeted files, not just that from the most selected item.



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10 y ago

Have been thinking about it every time I enter something into the Location Field. That would help keep location names consistent.