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Thu, Apr 10, 2014 9:21 AM

Lightroom Mobile is a great addition to my workflow. For a 1.0.0 version its cool and I'm looking forward to the next updates!


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8 y ago

Thanks Martin!

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7 y ago

For me lightroom mobile is not usable.

I am a cloud user, so I can use it, but I do not want to store my images in the cloud.
There are many reasons, upload speed issues, data security, ....

I would more prefer a tool that can hook directly into the local lightroom.

Either to do some basic functions like now in the mobile version (though these features and usability need some review!) or also to have an external touch screen to do task for my images.

Like buttons which show and allow to set the rating, tags, keywords, collection, info, ... of the image.