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Sun, Sep 4, 2011 11:53 PM


Lightroom needs to generate xmp files from dng.

Lightroom needs to be patch so that xmp files can be generated for use with dng files.

dng is not a valid raw choice unless I can treat it like any other raw file. I can't.

Our raw files are archived on dvd (read only). the edit data is archived as xmp in another location. I can use acr to force the xmp files after the edit but it would be better if lightroom didn't arbitrarily refuse to do it. (It did it in beta).

I'm not interested in hearing from anyone who wishes to argue that eliminated xmp files is a good thing. It's isn't. They're tiny and they can be used to recreate an edit long after the dngs have been removed from a catalog.

Did I mention that our raw files are archived in read only format before they're edited? They're received from photographers on dvds and those discs become our archive.

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Here's a request for the option to create XMP files for all file types: