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Sat, Apr 2, 2011 2:33 AM


Lightroom: Panel-specific presets

Ever noticed that the adjustment brush has panel-specific presets?

Just as the adjustment brush offers "Teeth Whitening" etc., panels in the Develop module should offer presets, e.g.
"Soft Vignette, Round Corners, ..." in the Effects panel,
"Aggressive Detail, Minimal Halos, ..." in the Details panel,
and so on. I think it would be brilliant for the tone curve.

Here's a more elaborate motivation:
In the Develop module all the panels pertaining to development are on the right hand side (RHS) which allows me to keep the LHS panels closed almost all of the time. The exception occurs whenever I want to use a develop panel (e.g., "Effects") to achieve an effect (e.g., vignetting) but would like to start from a proven starting point that I only have to tweak a little rather than recreating it time and again. I then have to involve the "Presets" panel on the LHS.

Using the standard presets available from the LHS "Presets" panel has the following disadvantages:

1. I have to move away from the RHS panel, across the full width of the screen to select a preset from the LHS panel, only to return to the RHS panel in order to tweak the starting point so that it fits the individual image

2. I have to continuously open and close the LHS panels because when I'm using the RHS panels, I'd like to see the image as large as possible and hence keep the LHS panels closed

3. All presets, whether they pertain to vignetting, B&W conversion, sharpening settings, etc. are lumped together at the LHS "Presets" panel. I know I can organise them with folders, but still they are all in one place and I have to scroll through vignetting and B&W conversion presets just to get to the sharpening presets (or alternatively keep opening and closing folders all the time).

If there were panel-specific presets then
1. selecting a proven starting point and tweaking it would require only quick local mouse movements.
2. the image could stay maximised all the time.
3. when I'm creating effects, I only see the effects presets, when I sharpen, I only see the sharpening presets, etc.

Of course the user needs to be able to add their own local presets.

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11 y ago

The more I think about this idea, the better I like it.

95% of the presets I use regularly embody either a single section, or 2 sections, sometimes 3.

This FR/Idea would go especially well with a related idea for being able to make presets that include other presets.

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10 y ago

Why does the adjustment brush have presets but e.g., the split tone panel does not?

Wouldn't it be great to be able to just pick "Sepia", "Cross process", etc. from presets?

Or "Standard" vs "High", "Noisy", etc in the details panel?