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Mon, Mar 28, 2016 2:30 AM


Lightroom: Photos publish directly to "Modified Photos To Re-Publish" bug, with solution

For weeks I have wrestled with the issue that published photos went directly to "Modified...". It was beginning to create issues with my stock galleries that I manage periodically.

After long chats with Adobe reps I finally found this! Un-check "remove person info" in the publisher info. Thanks to the author of this blog:

Please fix this bug!

Adobe Administrator


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6 y ago

Hi Trav,

Thank you for reporting this. Our engineer is looking into this issue. 

Thank you,

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This issue is still happening. It's annoying and it seems like there is a way for it to be fixed. Can you nudge your engineer again please.

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4 y ago

Still not fixed.  This is rendering publish collections useless