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Thu, Aug 25, 2011 11:43 PM


Lightroom: presentation view

Sometimes I'm working on a photo and would just like to see it now full-screen.

I've tried the slideshow, but it takes about 4 seconds for photo to appear - that's too long.

So instead, I do this:
- To Present: Shift-Tab, 'T', 'L', 'L', then move the cursor out of the way.
- To Un-present: 'L', 'T', Shift-Tab, and move the cursor back.

Its more convoluted than I'd like, and I could do without the thin white frame around it surrounded by the thick black frame. A single keystroke to 'present' - full-screen / no borders (my monitors themselves have sufficient borders), and kill the cursor, then another to return to editing would be perfect.

PS - If Lightroom had full-screen editing for multi-monitor mode, this would be unnecessary, but in case Lr4 doesn't have that enhancement, this would be a worthy compromise.

UPDATE: I just automated the keystroke sequences using auto-hotkey, which helps a lot, but still...

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Picasa has the very nice (left) Ctrl + left (Alt) key combination which displays an image full screen until you let go of the keys again. I used that a lot.

A presentation view for LR should trigger the best possible preview to be generated. Currently, when working with an image that looks noisy in the Develop view, I'll have to do the following:

1. Switch to loupe mode [this will show a version with noise reduction applied but it will be low-quality]
2. Zoom in at 100% [this will render the best quality library preview]
3. Zoom out to "Fit view"
Only after the last step I get to see a full screen preview with noise reduction and proper sharpness.

That's too many steps.

Ideally, as I have proposed earlier, Develop module views should have better quality right away but if a switch to the library module is necessary, it shouldn't involve further manual steps to get a good preview.

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I'd very much like to have fullscreen view already to do my first selection(s) of keepers by applying a flag or other marker. It's funny that my old image organizer app had this ("Curator" by the long gone "Caffeine Inc.", based on NeXT, some sort of predecessor to Apple's iPhoto; unfortunately Apple killed it with Lion no longer supporting PPC apps). If ever you've experienced this, you will miss it.

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Now that we've had the beautifully distraction free fullscreen modes of Mac OS Lion for quite a while: Isn't it about time for a true full screen mode in LR? It seems just silly to have to juggle a convoluted sequence of keys to just have a clean veiw of the photos. Photo management is above all about viewing and it baffles me that state of the art software like LR doesn't provide simple and real full screen viewing. Why on earth isn't the Bridge solution (or an improved version of it) implemented in LR: ONE keystroke to get a fullscreen fit image preview, ONE click to zoom to 1:1, simple trackpad gestures to move around, ONE key to get back again, ONE key to get to develop mode.

The unneccessary convoluted juggling of keys we have now is one thing, quite another is that "fullscreen" still only uses 80% of the available real estate. This is a show stopper to me - even more so when I'm working on a laptop.

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It's time for single-key true fullscreen viewing in Lightroom.

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This feature is implemented @Lr5.