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Tue, May 24, 2011 7:04 AM


Lightroom: Problem deleting images when some images are in a published collection

Well, at first glance doesn't appear this new area is as useful as the old in getting information correctly to reproduce a bug, but I'll give it a go...

LR 3.4, Mac (reported on Win, but not tested). Problem: delete dialog box does not show up under certain conditions.
Reproduce by:
have a folder with a large number of images. Some of the images are also in a published collection.
Select a large number of images to delete in grid view, including at least one of the images published. The published image must not be visible on the screen, i.e., scroll down several pages of thumbnails to make sure it is not visible after selection.
try to delete images.
result should have been: dialog box pops up saying some images are in published collection, should they be removed, etc.
result is: no dialog box happens at all. delete function is silently canceled.

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11 y ago

Ran into this myself last nigh (Mac). Also ran across a similar discussion on Linked In at http://www.linkedin.com/groupAnswers?...

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11 y ago

I am using Lightroom 3.4.1 I have had the same issue before. Sometimes when I try to delete all the rejected files in a folder. Lightroom only filters them so I only see the rejects and doesn't ask me if i want to delete or remove.

This seems to be related to the number of rejects and images being on publish services (eg: Flickr or facebook). Even if I select all of them and hit delete nothing happens. If I select small numbers of them and hit delete. It will let me delete or remove them and usually as I work through the vast quantity of rejects in small groups I will find an image that is on a publish service and Lightroom will ask if I want to leave it or remove it. After i answer this option. It seems that I can then delete the rest as a single batch like I should be able too. In the first place.

I do wish Lightroom would show me which image is on a publish service and which service it is on rather than telling me that one of the rejected images in on a service.

And the last option here with a face for the how does this make you feel question. There reallly should be an ANGRY or PISSED OFF option!

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