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Tue, Sep 1, 2015 7:43 AM


LIGHTROOM - Publishing Error Related to Peopke Keyword - Keywords Missing AFter Publication

I use keywords extensively to drive smart galleries both within Lightroom and in publishing / smart galleries in SmugMug. I had some publishing issues where keywords appeared on the web site and then disappeared folloing a republish of exactly the same image. As a result the smart galleries on the target site failed.

After a long diagnostic process I notices that the people keyword option was ticked in the keyword properties. Unchecking this and all the keywords now get published correctly and repeatably.

I really don't understand this strange behaviour - any clues.

In the Metadata options I have remove names checked on the publish options as this is the default.



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6 y ago

By default, Lightroom strips people keywords for the export -- for the obvious reason to protect your privacy. If you do not remove people keywords during export, you have other Lightroom keyword options to exclude a subset of people keywords (or any keywords) from exporting. Lightroom would honor that as well.