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Thu, Sep 4, 2014 4:13 AM


Lightroom SDK 6: publish-service's create-collection and create-smart-collection methods sometimes drop the ball - this idea is for remedy..

As things stand in Lr5 SDK:

Any plugin can create a collection or smart collection within any publish service, which is good, BUT whether those collections will function correctly or not depends on the programming of the target publish service, which is bad.

If there was some way to hook the target plugin into those methods, that would be ideal, so collections and sets get created properly regardless of what instigated said creation.. Another option is to allow a publish service to disallow creation of collections/sets by other plugins - that would be sad, but may be better then giving the user false hope when non-functional collections/sets are created "externally" by a foreign agent (e.g. script or plugin).
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