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Sat, Dec 8, 2012 2:16 PM


Lightroom SDK: Ability to alter renditionToSatisfy.destinationPath

As it stands, we can request an upstream export filter or Lr rendering engine put a file anywhere (by returning a new path from the renditionOptions.filterSettings function), but the downstream path can not be changed. Not unreasonable, since downstream export filter, or export service may have requirements, but sometimes it doesn't, so if the upstream filter just told it where the exported file is, it could cope. So two things:

* Ability for export filter or service to allow upstream providers to alter destination path.
* Ability for upstream provider to alter said path.

Thusly, the following warning box would not be displayed:

This would allow tree publishing plugins to be export filters instead of export services, for example. So one could, for example, use the Lr standard ftp plugin in conjunction with a tree publishing export filter to publish to a remote tree.

There have been numerous other cases where I could've made use of such a feature too.

Bottom Line: Due to the limitation in modifying folder and/or filenames of exported photos, there is much wheel re-inventing: one must create new multi-featured export services, whereas if this feature was implemented, simpler reusable export filters could do it, and be strung together in varying combinations for customized exporting. For example, one export namer could filter illegal characters from exported filenames, whilst another adds metadata to the filename, and yet another provides tree structured folders, and the final service uploads to web...

Thanks for listening,
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