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Sun, Oct 2, 2011 11:04 PM


Lightroom SDK: allow objects for export & export filter

Presently one must pass procedural function names for each export/filter hook.

For those of us using object-oriented methodology, it would be favorable to be able to return a class or object instead of a list of functions.

For example, in an export filter implementation file:

Instead of this:
return {
exportPresetFields = exportPresetFields,
startDialog = startDialog,
sectionForFilterInDialog = sectionForFilterInDialog,
shouldRenderPhoto = shouldRenderPhoto,
postProcessRenderedPhotos = postProcessRenderedPhotos

return {
object = myExportFilter

return {
class = MyExportFilterClass,
constructor =,

The difference is whether the export functions are called as methods or not - any way an object could be shoe-horned in would be fine.

(this concept also applies to other cases where procedural function callbacks are being returned to Lightroom)
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