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Mon, Jun 17, 2013 8:13 AM



Lightroom SDK: catalog:createVirtualCopies only works properly in grid view.

When more than one photo is selected, and more than one copy name is passed, I mean, in Windows anyway, maybe Mac too.

First off, I realize the SDK v5 has not been released, so if this bug report is premature, just ignore it.

That said, I wanted to report ASAP in the hopes that it will be fixed before SDK 5 is released, if applicable.

Problem is, plugin has no official way of assuring Lr is in grid mode. So createVirtualCopies needs to be fixed, or we need a way to force grid view, or both.

Again, my apologies in advance: I acknowledge this is an undocumented function.


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8 y ago

Not fixed in Lr5.4.

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7 y ago

I've reproduced this issue. A bug has been filed.



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Great, thanks Paul.