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Fri, Jun 15, 2012 11:56 PM


Lightroom SDK: Discovery of plugin metadata definitions.

Please a function to get a foreign plugin's metadata definitions.

There are a class of plugins which deal with other plugin's metadata.

e.g. Jeffrey Friedl's Metadata Tagset Editor,
John Ellis' AnyFilter,
My CustomMetadata,
John Beardy's ListView,

At the moment, the only fool-proof way to get such metadata is using:

photo:getRawMetadata( 'customMetadata' ) -- inadequate however, if you need user-friendly titles, data-type, or ID's for nil metadata too.

Some of us are dofile-ing other plugin's LrMetadataProvider module, but there are security and reliability issues in so doing (supporting info available upon request), and the user has to manually select each plugin...

Perhaps a couple functions like:

1. LrApplication.getPluginInfo() -- returns ID's of all installed plugins, at a minimum.
2. catalog:getMetadataDefinitions( pluginId ) -- provides same info as returned by plugin's LrMetadataProvider module.

That way, one could provide tagset editing for dynamic metadata too (like ExifMeta), and user friendly titles / formatting for data being migrated, aggregated, exported...


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