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Tue, Jun 7, 2011 6:54 PM


Lightroom SDK: function to create a "regular" user preset...

Presently there is a function to create an internal "hidden" plugin preset but I want to be able to create a normal preset - one that appears with the rest of the Lightroom user's presets.

Example use case is to support a "Camera Calibration Profile Manager" plugin, features to include wrapping the (public) camera calibration profiles with presets which can be organized into folders (for quick previewing and selection). Reminder: a function to refresh the camera calibration profiles in Lightroom would go well with this...

But there are many other potential uses, like a preset manager plugin that would support multi-level preset foldering, search, sort, filter, recently used, favorites, renaming / moving, and so on....

Functions to delete & rename would be needed as well as creation. Modifications can be done either through API or ordinary lua text manipulation, but in the latter case, a function to reload would be necessary.
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