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Tue, Nov 26, 2013 2:54 AM


Lightroom SDK: lightroom restart - in a way that saves preferences, and allows specification of catalog to open

e.g. LrApplication.restart( catalog )

PS - also, might as well support exit without restart as well, e.g. maybe

LrApplication.exit {
restart=true, -- or false
catalog = nil, -- or specified catalog
savePrefs = true, -- or false...

Somethin' like that - you get the idea... (right?)


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8 y ago

Workaround for the mean time - execute a bat file:

On Windows:
taskkill /im lightroom.exe /t
{path-to}\lightroom.exe {catalog}

Haven't tested Mac equivalent, yet.

Note: such requires user to maintain path to lightroom.exe, since it may not otherwise be obtainable, although it may be: see other thread which was created in honor of the bonus idea.

LrApplication.getPath() -- get path to Lr executable file