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Wed, Dec 7, 2011 12:03 PM


Lightroom SDK: rendition:recordPublishedPhotoId/Url

As it stands, if there is a duplicate (published) ID, then

rendition:recordPublishedPhotoId appears to work when it didn't.
rendition:recordPublishedPhotoUrl causes an untrappable (and misleading) internal error in Lightroom (so plugin thinks it worked, but user can see there was a problem).

The error message the user sees:

PS - The root error thrown internal to Lightroom (when attempting a database update) as indicated by DebugView is:

"remoteId is not unique" - which is the real problem.

I propose a (trappable) error is thrown when recordPublishedPhotoId is called, with a sensible error message, like "that ID is already taken by...", so the user can be notified and the photo can be added to an error collection, since it may need special attention (always does in my case).

PS - The symptoms from user point of view:
- The publish completes otherwise successfully, despite the error message that is displayed.
- The plugin assures user that everything went OK, although it didn't.
- Photos that were published but caused the error, appear not to have been published (e.g. they are still in the "New Photos to Publish" section), although from a plugin perspective, they were successfully published: rendered+uploaded...

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