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Sat, Apr 30, 2011 11:30 PM


Lightroom SDK: Socket Communications (TCPIP would suffice)

A new breed of plugins are on their way, which include a Lightroom plugin and a sidekick application, communicating and cooperating... At least one of these has already been released to the public (iPad remote interface for Lightroom).

I'm presently using xml-rpc ala http for communication, the iPad interface creates a file to send a message, then the file is deleted after the message it contains has been processed. Both of these methods are inefficient and klugy.

If tcpip socket communication was supported, efficient communications could be implemented, and sidekick app could easily be local or remote.

Socket communications could also be used for export/publishing plugins that use communication protocols other than ftp/sftp.

PS - This would go really well with preview-Id (from lrcat file, or other preview support) and/or SQL query capability (lrcat).
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