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Mon, Mar 3, 2014 8:51 PM


LIGHTROOM: Speed and compass direction included in Metadata from in camera GPS


I do aerial photography as part of my work, I would love it if you could incorporate from the Metadata speed and compass direction which can be extracted from my Sony A99 Gps data/photo metadata.

Its great to see where you are on the map in LR it would be really useful to give a client a compass heading to show which direction you were pointed at the moment of exposure so you do not have to give a vague bearing from the Map module in LR afterwards. Having the data embedded along with GPS coordinates would save a lot of time for myself and clients.

A flight path does not reveal which way the aircraft was pointing at the time.

Speed would be useful but more for action cam users who would like to know the entry speed of a jump on skies or bike etc to help analyze what they are doing right or wrong and work out average speeds etc over events or practice runs which are not timed or difficult to do. I have at times extracted this data out...post Lightroom, but it is tedious and slow to do so having it as a part of the LIGHTROOM Metadata available for export as part of the file metadata would be awesome...it could be added to Adobe Bridge also.

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8 y ago

You already have bearing included in LR5
though it is just a text field, no thing fancy.
The text field indicates N, S, E, W only eventhough it storesthe real numerical value between 0 and 360.
So you should create 2 feature request : one for speed (note I think the plugin from Jfriedl does include speed data, but not sure)
and one for a better interface for heading data, like geosetter does.