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Fri, Jun 15, 2012 8:47 PM

Lightroom: Support transparency for images (TIFFs) in Book module

Both PSD and TIFF files with transparent parts used in Lightroom have a white background. Especially in the book module transparency would be very useful. Can this be achieved? Or would require an enhancement?


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9 y ago

I just looked at the book module and it looks great.
I'm just missing one big thing:
It does not support transparent pictures.
I've tryed TIFF and PSD format, but it's still making a white background.

I'm hoping Adobe will support transparent photo's in the next version of lightroom.

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Transparent pictures in book module Lightroom.

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8 m ago

Being about to create photo books and upload them to Blurb directly from Lightroom is great.  I have created several for clients and myself personally.  However, as someone who uses InDesign daily, the Book module is painfully clunky.  I can "make do" with most of it (although I shouldn't have to for the cost), but the lack of PNG transparency support is a huge basic flaw that I was shocked to discover.  I can use my bank of digital scrapbook "paper" as backgrounds on Book pages, but not the PNG embellishments, which show with white backgrounds.  

At the very least, transparency support in Book should be added to a future update; however, the entire Book module needs an overhaul to be more "InDesign-like."  Maybe it would be possible to link up Lightroom to InDesign and add a 'bank' of digital elements without re-creating a whole new layout program?  That would be a dream!