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Thu, Oct 8, 2015 2:00 PM

LR CC 2015.2: After importing, images are completely black

Since I have have updated to LR CC 2015.2 on my Win 7 computer, images are no longer displayed after importing. There has been no such issue before, from LR 1 to CC 2015.1.

It does make no difference whether the files are imported from SD card or from my HDD nor does the issue depend on the camera model: Every image is displayed simply as a black square, everywhere, be it in the library, grid or loupe, or in the develp module. And regardless of the selected development preset, the exposure slider is always set to -5, all other tone sliders are at 0, even if no development preset is selected during import.

Meanwhile, I have found out that pressing the reset button helps, images can be edited normally after this superfuous action. I wonder whether I am the only one who encounters this very annoying bug.

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