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Wed, Jul 2, 2014 6:01 AM


LR Combining collections and collection sets for simplicity, flexibility and less restriction

I've long wondered what the idea behind the collection set is? Why not just combine the collection set and the collection, so that it would behave like a "normal" folder we all know? (i.e. the ability to contain files and other folders - which can contain other files/folders and so on). If this was done I could create a collection and if I at some point would like to make a sub collection, I could easily do that by just creating another collection inside the first collection, oppose to having to create a collection set, move the old collection and create the new one, but still not in the logic hierarchy which I wanted!

I would really like to see this feature/change as it would give extra flexibility, simplicity and workflow possibilities, without giving away anything - Other that unnecessary restrictiveness.

- keep the smart collections as they are (i.e. unable to have sub collections but able to be inside a collection [set]).

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7 y ago

I think this is a duplicate, but still: good idea..