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Fri, Sep 5, 2014 2:27 PM


LR Export module to include automatic PSD layering of Photos and their Virtual Copies on export.

In the export module, I would like Lightroom to make layered PSDs out of combined Virtual Copies. Perhaps this option could be a preference setting or checkbox in the export module.

You can manually select a bunch of files (including virtual copies) and have them open in photoshop as layered, however if you have a folder with a lot of virtual copies and would like the process automated this would be nice to see.

I like many professional users prefer to merge two images with different processes inside photoshop (to help correct for colour or light effects) that are too advanced and specific to adjust in Lightroom. The way things are now, each image and it's variants need to be selected manually and opened via the contextual menu or just processed and then opened individually in photoshop to create the layered documents.
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