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Sun, Dec 30, 2012 5:18 PM


LR Preference Request: Control of default behavior of "-/=" kybd shortcut in Basic Development sliders

I wish you would re-implement a 4.2 "bug" as a feature: the ability to specify (when using kybd shortcuts in the Basic Development settings (i.e. exposure, contrast, highlights, etc) whether the keyboard shortcut "-/=" defaults back to "exposure" or remembers which slider was last used in the previous photo.


In LR4, I'm a big fan of using the -/= keys and the ,/. keys to control Basic Development settings purely from the keyboard. I love doing this — keeping my hands completely off the mouse, moving through a gallery, one image after another and doing basic tweaks, then moving on to the next image.

Used to be (in version 4.2, apparently), when I would move on to the next image, the -/= functionality would default back to "exposure." Every time I moved on to a different photo, no matter what had been done to the previous photo, we'd start back at -/= controlling "exposure." I like this.

Apparently this was deemed a "bug."

Now LR seems to remember which slider I was last using and the functionality stays there. (In other words, if the last thing I adjusted was "vibrance," then when I move to the next photo, the -/= kybd shortcut remains on "vibrance." I would rather that the shortcut return to that default position of "exposure" each time I move onto a new photo.

I think that the previous default made more sense and here's why: When moving though a bunch of photos, the first, most broad-form adjustments are to 1. exposure and 2. contrast. It was HELPFUL that the default was to return to -/= controlling exposure, etc.

Of course, best of all would be a preference to control this behavior between the two...


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