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Wed, Jun 4, 2014 9:57 AM

LR5 book module - custom book size

Lightroom is a fantastic tool in my workflow, and it would be great if there would be an easy way to create custom sized books. I'm printing most of the photos with an epson 4800 in different formats, or using other services than blurb (as probably most of lightroom users). So now - it is extremely inconvenient trying to modify the .lua profiles or exporting the photos to other applications like acdsee fotoslate.

Adding this simple 'custom size book' feature would improve lightroom as a tool for many photographers and book designers.

The integration with blurb is fantastic, but you are limiting your great book module to a blurb book module, which for most users doesn't make sense.

Is it possible to include 'custom sized books' option in the near update to lightroom?

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