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Sat, Oct 10, 2020 7:57 AM

More FontSize / UI DPI choices

While windows 10 has now very good DPI control, Lightroom Classic 9.4 does not follow that.

Its seems to take its "Font Size" default setting (Edit - Prfeerences- Interface) from windows but is very much limited in it's choices.

It steps from 150% to 200%, with no choice between.

On my 27 inch 4K screen, I find 150% to small and 200% too big.

Its not only my preference, the font size in Lightroom is clearly either smaller or bigger than in regular Windows applications.


I also tried to change AgPanel_baseFontSize = "scale175" in the preference file, this does change the font size and some box sizes, but not icon and slider bitmaps. So that looks ugly.


So, I would like more Font / UI sizes between 150% and 200% build into Lightroom Classic.

Best would be just to follow the Windows method, but I can understand if that would be very big change.  

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Lightroom: Ability to adjust the font size options for UI


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1 y ago

Perhaps the most easiest way is to split the setting for the font size from the scaling of all other items (icons, sliders etc).

I find the scaling of icons and sliders best with the "Larger - 200%" settings, but the font size for "Large -150%" is perfectly fine.

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3 m ago

I use three screens, one is a hidef (3840  x 2160 - which is the default) and the fonts in the menu are unreadable.

Considering that more and more of us are using HiDef / Hi Res monitors, this is a BIG issue.

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If you are on Windows, change the monitor settings to the defaults for scaling and resolution. Each monitor has to be set separately.


Just the reality of using Lightroom with Windows.


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3 m ago

I have been using Lightroom on a 30" 2560x1600 monitor for the past 12 years. It was time to replace my monitor, so after doing some research, I got a 43" 4K monitor. (I have a desk deep enough to push the monitor back so it’s comfortable). The ppi on the 43” is about the same as the 30” at around 100ppi.

The Windows 10 display scaling is set to custom scaling at 115% and the Ease of Access Display settings are set at default. This gives me a good size of interface and crisp fonts on nearly all apps.


Photoshop scaling is fine. In Preferences, Interface, the UI Font size is set to medium with ‘Scale UI to Font’ disabled. I can fit a lot onscreen at a sensible size, with sharp fonts.


I’m having issues with Lightroom however. Whatever I do, the interface size is either too large or small. In the screenshots below you can see Preferences, Interface, Font Size set to Auto, Medium and Large – 150%.


The best size is Medium, but it is rather small and tricky to work with, as clicks on the Develop panel need to be very precise. As you can see from the comparison, the Large – 150% interface size is just too large. I can’t fit enough panels onscreen and loose too much space. I’ve also tried adjusting the program size in Properties, Compatibility, Change high DPI settings in the ‘High DPI scaling override’ sections, but that doesn’t make any difference.


Would it be possible for Adobe to give us more front size options? At the very least, one extra option which would be Large - 125%, which is a standard Windows Display option. That would allow the interface to adjusted more precisely and give better results, regardless of monitor size.

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