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Sat, Nov 22, 2014 12:53 PM


Photoshop/Lightroom: Support Multiple Non Destructive Layouts (Aspect Ratio & Image Size)

The addition of being able to set and save non-destructive layouts, specifically crop and image size settings would be very useful in Photoshop and Lightroom for those creating images for social media. I shoot photographs that are used on social media sites. Each photo needs to be exported at multiple resolutions and aspect rations. E.g. Facebook profile image as square at 160x160, FB cover photo at 851x315, Twitter profile 400x400, Twitter cover 1500x500, etc.

Each crop has to be done by hand in order to ensure the best composition of the content within the given aspect ratio. Each image size has to be sharpened to ensure crisp, tack sharp images. As it stands now, I have to save each and every permutation of exported image as a separate file (e.g. FacebookProfileImage-SmilingColor.psd, FacebookProfileImage-SeriousB&W.psd...), or at best have separate files for the destination layout (e.g. FacebookProfileImages.psd with a Smiling Color layer, and Serious B&W layer...).

This requires significant work on my part and, most importantly, significant rework when the client requests a change in the original image such are additional retouching. Linked Smart Objects are only so helpful as I would need to continue to have multiple separate files for each destination layout.

Also of use would be able to copy destination layouts between files/images and/or have destination layouts saved as templates.

Attached is an example of my master deliverable files (Web and print) for a project. Each file is a different image and destination layout (resolution, crop, etc.). It would be easier to manage if each image was a single file.

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