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Sun, Mar 28, 2021 11:13 AM


Profile issue when sending image to PS for editing from Lightroom

When sending an image to PS for editing 3rd party develop profiles are being ignored. 

I've tested this on an Intel based Mac running OSX Mojave and a M1 Mac running Big Sur. The problem is the same so not OS or Architecture related.

When applying a develop profile (Adobe Color, Adobe Landscape, Adobe Vived etc) and then sending the image to PS for editing the profile is ignored unless the profile is one that shipped with LR. ie I can apply any profile from Adobe, Modern, Vintage, B&W and the profile is honoured when sent to PS. If I apply a 3rd party profile from say On1 or 3rd party film emulation profiles of my 3rd party camera profiles then these profiles are ignored. 

I can export the image to any file format with 3rd party profiles and that works perfectly, I can send an image to Luminar, NIK collection etc with a 3rd party profile and that works perfectly but when sending to PS, the profile is ignored. 

I suspect that the issue has manifested itself when Adobe changed the way images are sent to PS. Previously a PSD of TIF file would be generated and then that file was sent to PS for editing. Recently a TIF or PSD is not generated and the file format displayed when the image opens in PS is the raw format eg. CR2 or CR3. 

I have created a video which shows the issues which you can find here


I have no idea if this issue persists in Windows machines as I do not have access to one. 

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8 m ago

There is a known issue with LUTs in some presets. 

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@andrew_rodney If this is the case, it's a pity the support staff don't know about it. I spend 20 minutes on a live chat with some idiot telling me it's the 3rd party developers fault. Then sent me an email about colour spaces.  



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Adobe customer support has a reputation for saying anything to close a call when they don't know the answer, unfortunately.