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Sun, Dec 15, 2019 5:02 AM

Saving albums offline created using Lightroom Mobile on an iPad(mobile device)

Hi guys,

I know these days it's all about moving towards mobile/mobility but...  Professional photographers will always want their photos from Lightroom Mobile stored locally on a physical drive to further complete the editing process, export, deliver files, etc.

So, my workflow is like this, and you'll see what I'm missing out and gets me crazy about:


2.import photos for review on the go in Lightroom Mobile on my iPad(subway, train, bus, coffee break, brunch, lunch, etc)

3.edit a few, star another, flag some more.

4.arrive home, open iMac: surprise--- I need a tone of other steps the get the photos stored locally and accessible from Lightroom Classic. 

How about you make a button/option built in Lightroom mobile where I can manage "album John Doe 12.15.2019" go save yourself locally on .../users.../documents and add yourself to Lightroom Classic along with all the edits, stars, flags and colors I just did 20 minutes ago on my ride home? 


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2 y ago

Don't look now but that's already there.  Logon to your same adobe account on your iPad and LR Classic.  Enable cloud sync.  Now when you get home the images imported to any of the Cloud based apps will sync the full size files (RAW presumably) down to LR Classic.  They will wind up in a special Folder (I forgot the default name but you can designate a different one if you like).  These images when they arrive in LR Classic will have the edits done in the cloud as well as stars and flags assigned in the cloud but don't count on keywords.  I don't recall about titles and captions.  Feel free to move them to a different folder using the folders panel in LR Classic.  



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2 y ago

Like Dan said, it's already there. Look for a collection set 'From Lightroom Mobile' or something like that (the name may have changed a bit). Inside that set are all your mobile albums as collections, with all the images you just edited on your mobile device.

The physical storage place is an obscure package called 'Mobile downloads.lrdata', but you can change that in the Lightroom Preferences - Lightroom Sync tab.