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Fri, Sep 18, 2020 5:37 PM

Virtual images spontaneously appear; Deleting the virtual deletes the original;

I think my problem is with syncing but not sure. I have contacted Adobe and they shared my screen and said just to Sync the Database and all would be well. Well, sort of. Here is an example. I shot some photos with LR Camera. The last one imported into LR Classic came up as a Virtual copy. I never made a Virtual image. So I deleted the Virutal Copy. When I did that the original was deleted as well. I went to my LR Mobile, found the Deleted image, selected it and restored it. Back to LR Classic, the Virtual and Original are in showing up as having been imported to my hard drive in a folder for 2020. Both. But in the iPhone folder>Imported images there is a (1) listed but no image appears. I tried syncronizing that iPhone Folder. That did not do anything. So, over to Adobe online. There there are two images of the same photo. Same photo file number. Same size image of 16 MB. But I only took one image. But in LR Classic, only one of those filenames exist (along with a Virtual Image). ALL OF THIS IS AFTER REBUILDING DATABASE. Not sure if something is corrupted or should I make a new catalogue, etc. I had tried deleting IrData file but that did not help in the past month. I have signed out of Creative Cloud and signed in. I have not deleted LR Classic and reinstalled.  I am using Catalina 10.15.6, LR Classic 9.4 on iMacPro 2017. My iPhone is 11 Pro Max with iOS 13.7 and LR Mobile v Also, I have a bunch of Virtual Images that I never created. When I "remove photos..." the virtual goes away but so does the original. When I synchronize that folder to bring it back, it is not showing up as an image to import. It is not in the Trash either. I have had the same experience when I hit Delete on the Virtual image. But it is within the original folder in Lightroom Photos.


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