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Sat, Sep 20, 2014 5:34 PM


Wishful improvement of Lightroom photo-book module.

I like the integrated workflow for creating a photo-book in Lightroom 5.
In general, I don't need a whole lot of gimmicks that many other programms offer (I prever a straight and clear layout), but options that are provided in Ligthroom 5 are a bit too restricted.
Simple functions such as providing the opportunity to apply a thin border line around an immage (the provided layouts are not more than just nice to be used for one or the other Image, but certainly not for every pictue in a whole book).
Or more flexible and accurate control over position, size and aspect ratio of images are terribly missed.
Also the options for the position of texts are quite restricted (no additional text boxes possible: e.g. to apply a photo-text to a full frame image that is shown on the previous or next page).
Finally, the possibility to apply a background picture over a double page, would be highly appriciated (it works with foreground, why not with background?)
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