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Sun, Feb 7, 2021 5:28 PM

Allow me to modify the lens used to shoot a photo

I have Moment external lenses that attach to my iPhone 12 Mini via a special case. Lightroom Mobile obviously doesn't know I have the lens attached, so it tags the photo as being shot with the iPhone internal lens. I want to update that data to reflect that it was shot with the Moment lens.

I've found that I can enable lens corrections for the Moment lenses, but that doesn't change the metadata.

The reason I want to update the metadata is that I can filter for photos shot with these lenses:

Just one final question: It's unclear to me when to post here vs the Adobe Support Community. What's the difference?




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7 m ago

I've converted to a feature request for you. The forum doesn't automatically apply a "vote" to your post so don't forget to click the green arrow in the upper left.

This forum is primarily for bug reports and feature requests, whereas the other one is for more general questions and help.