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Tue, Mar 26, 2019 5:48 AM

Lightroom CC: Stacking photos while filtering is active

Either I'm really dumb or LR CC is missing something basic...

I have photos in an album, I've gone through and rejected numerous. I don't want to see these again so I limit filtering to unflagged and picked. I then want to stack together visually similar images from this shortlist so I select them and right click to stack them and I'm not allowed to. Why?

Must I only select photos to stack together when no filters are active?

Also once my photos are arranged in stacks why can't filter out rejected photos and be left with photos and stacks?

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2 y ago

I agree. For example, when creating an HDR photo or Panorama, Lightroom stacks the pictures together. If I apply a filter, let's say my flagged photos, the stack isn't applied anymore. This is counter-intuitive. Adobe uses stacks to hide the original photos but they reappear when we apply a filter...