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Tue, Sep 22, 2020 1:03 PM


Lightroom Desktop: Expand the display filter by "liked"

It would be really good if you could also select "liked" in the display filters for a shared album in lightroom.
That would make the further processing extremely easier because I would then know exactly which pictures for my customer I have to process further without opening each "Like-Notification" individually in order to then rate the picture with 1 star so that I can then display the pictures sorted by rating.

It would be even better if the customer could rate the images in the shared folder with stars that they like
That would make the use of programs like picdrop superfluous and you only have to upload the images to a cloud once, in lightroom, and no other.
So you could do everything for your customers in lightroom, which is certainly in the interests of adobe =)

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