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Wed, Jun 23, 2021 5:47 AM

Lightroom Desktop: How to delete custom crop settings permanently?

Lightroom Desktop now supports custom cropping. I had been duplicating custom settings I had in Lightroom Classic. It would be nice this is automatic from Classic. 
Experimenting some settings and settle on one. However the previous settings which I have no intention to use going forward seems to be persistent. How can the custom settings we created be remove from the crop menu?

Would be good that custom crop settings will similarly be available on the Lightroom web soon. 
And at the minimum what ever custom settings created in Classic can be automatically be populated over to the Lightroom Web and Desktop Cloud. Ideally new custom crop can be create, delete, modified in any of the three and automatically populated (sync) to the other two. 


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4 m ago

There is no option to delete these custom crops. It works as it did in Lightroom Classic.  You can enter up to five - when the six is added, the first falls off the list.  The only way to clear it is to add more custom crops to the list until the one you want to delete disappears. 

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4 m ago

Yes, good idea! Adobe please move it to mobile versions as well. :-)