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Wed, May 26, 2021 10:38 AM


Lightroom Desktop: Image import review size


I've been on Adobe support all day trying to solve this and even they couldn't help me, because it's "only" a missing feature.

When you are importing images into Adobe Photoshop Lightroom (NOT Classsic) on Mac, you get only one default size o image review size, which is very very small. So you cannot see those fine details like if the image is in focus. So the only way here is to import all of you raw files which could take a while importing thousands of photos and than delete manually those useless so they don't fill up your cloud. This could be solved simply the same way as in Lightroom Classic, where you can view each photo individually before importing. Please add this feature!!!!

A very similar issue is on Lightroom Mobile, more specifically on iPad. When trying to import images there, you can choose the preview size but you only get landscape previews so it crops in on the raw format. This makes the iPad app pretty useless, because you cannot see most of the photo you are trying to import. So again, you have to import all of your photos and than delete them manually. Please make it useable again by showing the raws in the aspect ratio it was shot in.

As I mentioned, I went through all of this with a Adobe representative who even consulted with his superior. There is no solution, no workaround, nothing. Only thing he advised me to do was to suggest a solution here a hope Adobe will solve this pretty basic flaw.

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Converting to a feature request



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Thanks for the idea. The forum does not automatically apply a "vote" to your post so don't forget to click the green arrow in the upper left.